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A customized piano collection for Native Instruments Noire users running Ableton Live Fady Gergis!


Ableton Worship Pianos – Noire REQUIRES an authorized and working copy of Native Instruments Noire. You need to have a working copy of Noire for this to work, all we are selling are our settings within the plugin with EQ, compressors, and reverbs added in the channel strip.

All sounds are mixed at Heartbeat Productions Studio in Kansas City. All presets are customizable and you can use this template to also create your own presets and save them!

Ableton Worship Pianos Plus – Noire

  • Ableton Live 11.3.21+

    Noire Sample Library

    Kontakt 7.7.3+ or Kontakt Player 7.7.3+

    Valhalla Shimmer

  • 42 Patches:

    • 21 for Noire Pure
    • 21 for Noire Felt
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